Things hotels should do and avoid when creating a superb online booking engine

online booking

A hotel website has to get many things right to encourage new customers to use it for booking a room. It has to appear bright and informative with pictures and short videos showing potential guests what they could be experiencing. It has to offer travellers the opportunity to find out about its amenities and provide a list of nearby attractions and landmarks that are worth visiting. Generally customers really need to feel as if they are welcome on the website, and enjoy their visit enough that it makes them want to book a room. What all hotel firms must consider is how easy it is for guests to reserve a room.

  • Having a fantastic online booking engine has to be top priority for hotel companies to be able to entice customers to make a reservation. Companies must regularly check that the booking engine is working and there is no glitch that could be stopping them from finishing their purchase. Firms must also head to rival websites to see how well they are working and pick up some ideas about how to improve their own offering. The aim for hotel companies is to get as many direct bookings as possible, so they need to make their website attractive. The way a website appears makes all the difference as it has to have a great web design.
  • Many companies do not think about how a few changes could help them get customers, but frequently reviewing the way a site works could really help businesses in the long term. A top tip for a website is that it should have a booking engine that does not reveal hidden prices at the last minute. Customers will not appreciate this as they want to know upfront how much they will be paying without any add-ons at a later stage. Travellers could easily be put off by any extra cost and decide to head to a rival company‚Äôs website to book a room. Something else a hotel company should have on the website is beautiful pictures of the residence.
  • Pretty images and short videos of the hotel will entice travellers to make a booking, as they get to see where they could be staying making the dream of a holiday appear real. There should also not be too much information on the website that clutters the screen. Travellers just desire basic information allowing them to make their decision on whether they want to book a room. The website has to be easy to navigate with clear call-to-action buttons that include messages such as Book Now and quickly lead guests to the reservation engine.
  • The incredible consultants at World Hotel Marketing can help with creating a fantastic online site that has a superb reservation system. They use Booking Direct that is a great tool for hotel sites, and is multi-lingual also letting travellers pay in a variety of currencies. The site will be regularly updated with new copy about special offers, and information on activities in the area near the residence. The experts at World Hotel Marketing know how crucial it is to get a website right, and will make minor changes to sites on a regular basis. This is to test what works and they will offer frequent detailed reports to clients about their findings.