Tips on how hotel companies can improve their marketing plan for a successful future


Every hotel business needs to think about what it has to do to increase bookings. The idea is that firms will use successful methods that have helped them win new guests, but also think of current trends to attract tourists. One of the most important things an accommodation can do is personalize a guest’s experience. A traveller wants to feel special so it is vital to collect data from a hotel’s website and booking engine to learn about customers. An app certainly helps in this endeavor as it records a number of details about a tourist during booking.

Brilliant customer service will help hotel firms to win customers who will hopefully become loyal in the long-run. Getting accurate data on guests is crucial as there is no such thing as the average guest any longer, as travellers usually search for something unique. A crucial part of appealing to tourists is done through social media, as millions of travellers are on major platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and picture-sharing site Instagram. Here hotel companies must include fantastic videos, beautiful pictures and links to interesting blog posts in order to effectively advertise the hotel accommodation to the buying public.

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Something important companies need to think about is that smartphones are more likely to be used than any other device in this modern digital age. A hotel website has to be mobile-friendly and have a brilliant hotel booking engine that will allow customers to reserve a room easily. Tourists are more likely to research a residence through a smartphone hotel site or an app as it is easy to do on the move. Another top way to engage customers is by using email marketing, as this will appeal to them especially if the messages are tailored to their needs. Firms must think what would work best in terms of the guests they are emailing.

They can introduce competitions or a special offer for tourists that book a room before a certain date. Companies should also remember to reply to all online reviews whether they are positive or negative, and must always be polite to guests regardless of what they have said about the firm. The consideration should always be what is required to increase website traffic, and accommodations must not forget that their online site needs to be great. Creating the best hotel website designs is crucial for firms to attract customers to an online site.

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 The consultants at World Hotel Marketing are always ready to help create a fantastic site with a design that suits the company. They generate the best web design offering regular reports to indicate what methods have been used to succeed, and what needs to be done to improve in the future. Understanding the web journey of a potential customer is crucial, and clients should put themselves in the shoes of their potential guests. The experts at World Hotel Marketing will help create a wonderful, bespoke website to help a firm succeed.