Why hotel companies should embrace the use of social media to engage customers

social media

Using social media in this modern digital age is an absolute must for hotel companies who want to appeal to new customers. There are many benefits when it comes to using these platforms and accommodations must ensure they are signed up to the top sites. These are Twitter, Facebook and picture-sharing site Instagram, as they all have millions of followers that will want to learn about the accommodation. These are ideal online places for firms to engage with the buying public, and hopefully gain greater web traffic for higher sales. It will help to strengthen the company brand and let new customers know about the hotel firm.

  • Social media is a brilliant way to inform customers about what the company represents and particularly its ethos. It can show off its luxury credentials or its relaxing environment, as well as let customers know about its brilliant meeting rooms or wedding reception hall. The brand identity can be displayed through videos, photos and blogs that are advertised on the social media sites. Every company needs a fantastic hotel social media plan that will help them to excel at advertising their website. Social media allows hotel businesses to show off what they have to offer, so they can justify the amount of money they are charging for the room.
  • Firms must remember to let their customers know about amenities such as a sauna, spa and swimming pool. If the residence is budget-friendly it is still important to mention the facilities available, and show customers all the things they could receive from their visit. Social media is also very useful when it comes to strengthening relationships between the host and the customer. Connecting with travellers online is a great idea as that may encourage them to book a room in the future. Reaching new guests is also crucial as there must be the right audience for a residence among the millions of travellers that use these platforms.
  • Companies can set up adverts for specific ages, genders and geographical locations to help attract travellers. Hotel firms must show customers on social media the benefits they will get from staying at the accommodation, such as being close to a park or concert hall. The main reason to have social media accounts is to make sure that companies do not get left behind when it comes to keeping up with modern technology. Hotel firms must remember to reply to guests when they make any positive or negative comment on social media platforms. A top hotel search engine marketing plan is also needed to get ahead of rivals in this industry.

The qualified consultants at World Hotel Marketing can be employed to help firms keep on top of social media. They will offer regular reports on how their online presence affects their bookings, and what can be done to increase reservations. Social media plans are nowadays vital when creating a popular business, as this type of real-time engagement is what entices customers to visit the website. The ultimate aim is to get them to book a room and this can be done through maintaining online profiles with regular updates to attract customers. For success firms should engage with their guests on social media for long term benefits.