How a hotel company can improve its direct bookings through a top online website

direct booking

Bookings are the most crucial thing that hotel companies want to make profits in business. The way the firms get those reservations is important as the aim for any accommodation is to get direct bookings. OTAs or Online Travel Agencies such as Expedia and are vital in getting customers for hotel firms, and the positive side of linking up with them is they bring much needed web traffic. A disadvantage is that while they promote hotels an OTA will also take a commission fee every time they provide a customer. What companies need to aim for is direct bookings that will offer an excellent opportunity for greater profits.

The hotel website and online booking engine is where companies have the chance to show a positive image with amazing photos, short videos and great rates. Direct bookings are beneficial to all types of companies, but are particularly valuable to independent firms who really need these to thrive. There are many methods an accommodation can use to beat rival firms as well as OTAs to customers, such as paying attention to what a potential guest wants in a website. Travellers head to a hotel website to find out information about the residence, so firms must work out what it is they wish to know and include it on their site.

The best booking engine for hotels will offer customers the chance to add extra elements to their trip, such as a package with breakfast, dinner or a spa treatment. The reservation process has to be very simple and a website has to be easy to navigate for customers to fully benefit. There should not be many clicks required to get through the booking process, as potential guests will be put off by long reservation forms. Firms must also mention how competitive their rates are so customers feel they are getting the best deal possible. There should be a cheaper rate available that does not include a refund upon cancellation.

Customers are actually more likely to book the cheaper option of a non-refundable room due to the price. A person reserving a room under these circumstances will think about any room purchase they make, and more than likely will keep their chosen holiday dates. Firms must also include any positive reviews on the website to attract travellers to book. Companies who become successful regularly check what works and what is not so helpful in terms of selling rooms. Businesses should mention any incentives on the booking engine that could attract customers, such as free Wi-Fi internet, room upgrades and membership to a loyalty scheme.

The experts at World Hotel Marketing offer the wonderful tool of Booking Direct that is a superb reservation system, which is multi-lingual and allows payment in a number of world currencies. It is extremely easy to navigate and also handily offers Facebook and Google+ integration. The website looks impressive on a desktop computer, tablet and mobile phone allowing travellers to book in any way they desire. Another aspect that firms can be helped with is creating an app that will allow potential guests to book quickly within a few clicks. Companies need to aim to make customers loyal once they make a booking on the website.