How hotel companies can encourage travellers to book a room at their residence

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Travellers heading away on a trip can be inspired to book a break for a number of reasons. For hotels to lead the way and beat competitors to get new guests they need to understand what motivates tourists. Something hotel companies know well is that they are faced with the dilemma of using Online Travel Agencies (OTAs). They have to use these websites as they will definitely gain customers, but firms also lose commission fees every time they get a new guest via an OTA. Many travellers use OTAs for the chance to compare what hotels have to offer, and learn about what other tourists think about a residence through guest reviews.

OTAs have in recent years improved what they provide the public offering top travel guides about destinations. There are also many interesting articles on websites such as Expedia and If a tourist reads something that encourages them to head to a certain spot for a holiday on an OTA site, they are certainly more likely to reserve a hotel on there. Hotel sites need to offer something special to ensure that they get a significant amount of direct bookings. They need to focus on user experience and ensure they have an excellent website and an easy to navigate hotel booking engine that can reserve a room rapidly.

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The amazing consultants at World Hotel Marketing can help firms with getting the best hotel website designs to create a brilliant website. They will also aid in achieving greater direct bookings by aiding them to gain knowledge about how to deal with customers. The experts will create a bespoke website that works well on all screens including a desktop computer, tablet and mobile phone. Having an excellent reservation engine is vital and they offer the multi-lingual Booking Direct tool. It accepts a range of currencies and is extremely easy to navigate. This impressive tool will help businesses to gain guests who will hopefully remain loyal for the future, and will allow hotel companies to build up their customer database.

 The influence of social media has made a huge difference to travellers as this is another place where they can learn about accommodations. Millennials definitely like to use sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to find out about new holiday destinations. It is crucial that hotel companies view social media platforms as important travel planning tools. Social media is a brilliant place for residences to advertise special deals and packages that could influence tourists to make a booking. Travellers are also encouraged by visual images, and firms must include as many bright and interesting pictures as they can on their feeds.

Having a positive presence on social media is something that hotel companies need to work on to get it right. They should encourage guests to share their holiday photos and promote the firm through their social media profiles to family, friends and colleagues. Travellers are craving for unique experiences they can tell followers on social media about. Experiences matter most as tourists want special activities and cultural events to head to when they are away. Another aspect to consider is that firms must have a website that looks brilliant on all screens including desktop, laptop, tablet and importantly smartphones to raise bookings.