How hotel companies can generate revenue from mobile pay-per-click advertising


There are millions of travellers around the world who use mobile phones in their daily life, so it is natural for tourists to research and buy hotel rooms through this medium. Smartphone search queries have increased significantly compared to those done on a desktop. Hotel companies really need to take advantage of this situation and make sure they have a top mobile-friendly site. What companies have to do is create different adverts that are directed to their mobile sites, as customers using this device will want something else from this type of promotion. Smartphone users have certain habits that must be considered when creating the adverts, and these particular ideas should be used to attract customers to a hotel site.

The main reason to concentrate on what is being said in a mobile phone advert is to gain a higher status on major search engines. The importance of great hotel PPC or pay-per-click advertising is that it gives firms greater exposure online, where they can reach out to a new audience. There are numerous places that an accommodation can promote its firm including Google Adwords and Bing Ads. PPC advertising offers a website link that is usually shown on the top part of a search engine, and finding the right words to put here is crucial. There are many issues with mobile paid marketing that need to be taken into consideration.

With smartphones clearly the screens are much smaller than desktop computers, so there is less room for adverts to appear. On a desktop however there can be around two or three adverts displayed there. When travellers are searching on mobile phones it is more likely that there will be misspellings, so hotel companies should use broad terms in the bidding process. When creating a mobile advert firms must have a click-to-call button that lets them contact the accommodation immediately without having to key in a phone number. Often all that travellers are actually doing is trying to find a hotel’s number when they search online.

Companies must create a call only campaign that is an advert that simply features a short description about the residence, and a phone number to click on. There can be a call-to-action button here that says book now or call for a reservation. Adverts should also click to mobile-friendly landing pages that feature something interesting to entice customers to learn more about the accommodation. Mobile display adverts must also be clean and not cluttered as there is not much space to work with. The pictures need to be clear and the text has to be short and to the point, and another issue is adverts should not feature huge files of videos.

Creating a brilliant website for all mediums should be top of the agenda for hotel firms, and they must think about their online booking engine and its performance. It has to be easy to use and allow customers to book a room within a few clicks. A wonderful company that can help with creating a bespoke website is World Hotel Marketing. Their staff members use the Booking Direct tool that is used to attract customers who will appreciate the ease in which they can use this multi-lingual reservation system, which is very quick to navigate online.