How to achieve higher direct bookings on a hotel website for increased revenues


The main aim of any hotel company is to get as many direct bookings as possible, and there are a variety of ways to achieve this endeavour. Companies should not simply rely on OTAs or Online Travel Agencies to get customers for their accommodations. Thankfully there are many methods to entice travellers to head to a hotel website. Businesses must think about providing discounts and special packages that target certain customers. Firms should run a loyalty scheme that will attract tourists to make repeat bookings to receive rewards. This could include discounted room prices, free drinks at the bar or spa and gym access.

Having a brilliant and easy to navigate website is also a crucial part of trying to appeal to travellers. The site must have the best booking engine for hotels as customers want to be able to reserve a room quickly. The website has to have impressive images, content and should be visually appealing. A user-friendly hotel website will certainly rank well with major search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing. Thinking about creating a superb digital marketing plan is also important as firms should consider what will help them get noticed. One of the best techniques is to focus on using SEO or Search Engine Optimization.

This is the backbone of great hotel search engine marketing and firms have to make sure they have quality content to get organic web traffic to the site. Another top tip is to use PPC or pay-per-click advertising to bring in customers, but firms must remember not to spend too much in this area. Blogs are a wonderful way to create fresh online content, and this method links in well to helping SEO as well as keeping the buying public engaged. Firms need to encourage tourists to head to their website, so providing links through social media for blogs and landing pages with special packages or deals is how to get travellers straight to the site.

Companies should also keep an eye on review sites and ensure they employ staff members who are great at conversing with the public. Popular review sites such as TripAdvisor are very useful at getting tourists to head directly to the hotel website. An accommodation has the responsibility to reply to each customer on review sites, as travellers like to be engaged in this way. The reply has to be sent regardless of whether the tourist gives a positive or negative review, as this will encourage potential or existing guests to reserve a room.

The amazing consultants at World Hotel Marketing can help firms to achieve greater direct bookings by aiding them to gain knowledge about how to deal with customers. The experts will create a bespoke website that works well on all screens including a desktop computer, tablet and mobile phone. Having a wonderful reservation engine is vital and they offer the multi-lingual Booking Direct tool. It accepts a range of currencies and is extremely easy to navigate. This impressive tool will help businesses to gain guests who will hopefully remain loyal for the future, and will allow hotel companies to build up their customer database.