Rate Comparison

Rate Comparison Tool

Show them direct is best

Rate Comparison Tool is one of the best tools on the market to optimise own-channel conversion. Like all great ideas, you’ll wonder why nobody thought of it before. Developed in-house, this advanced proprietary software now makes booking direct a no-brainer, in any currency.

Rate Comparison Tool is a feature that will appear automatically when a customer searches for availability on your booking engine, showing at least three, real time OTA rates beside yours.

With a robust paid and organic search strategy in place, and a great looking, conversion optimised website, this deceptively simple tool could be the clincher that turns a looker into a booker. And with the added transparency it offers, more and more online bookers will trust your website – and your brand.

With Rate Comparison Tool installed and customised for your brand look and feel, you can:

  • Reduce abandoned purchases by reassuring customers they are getting the best deal direct
  • Match your price in real time if an OTA is undercutting your direct rate
  • Analyse your rate performance over time with frequent reporting