Distribution Solutions

Booking Engine:

Let us power your success

Your booking engine is a make or break moment in the customer journey. The guest experience starts here – not at reception, so your booking engine is your brand’s first real test. Get it right, and it has untold potential to drive conversion, improve incremental revenues and increase ADR.

BOOKING DIRECT is our industry-leading proprietary booking engine solution. Easy, intuitive and integrated, it offers a seamless, device responsive booking experience, on mobile, tablet or desktop. Fully customisable end to end, it’s an easily navigable, multi-lingual, multi-currency solution that’s tailored to your brand website, with an efficient check out process plus Facebook and Google+ integration.

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GDS Connectivity:

Easy to find is easy to sell

GDS connectivity is your window to the world. Without it, the shutters are down.

Connectivity is king for even the smallest of hotels. We help you navigate the distribution landscape with two-way GDS connectivity to Sabre, Galileo, Amadeus and Worldspan by geographical strength, putting your inventory in front of thousands of agents (and OTAs) worldwide, quickly and seamlessly. Because until you’re on a GDS, you’re off the radar.

We also make our preferred partnerships with key global TMCs (Travel Management Companies) work for you. The world’s biggest companies trust TMCs to handle their corporate travel, and we partner with the top global TMC programmes and regional consortia – between them booking over $100 billion of corporate travel per year.

Some of that could be coming your way. We make sure it does.

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Rate Comparison Tool

Show them direct is best

It’s a common assumption that OTAs automatically return better rates than hotel websites. So despite your best online rate guarantee, it’s an assumption that’s costing you up to 20% in commission per booking. Here’s the solution. Rate Comparison Tool is an innovative tool that compares live OTA rates with your direct rate in a customisable tool beside your booking engine. It saves valuable time for your guests – and restores their trust in booking direct.

Reduce your OTA dependence one booking at a time with this simple but effective tool to increase direct revenue.

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