The top hotel marketing trends that hoteliers should be considering for their business


Keeping up with modern hotel trends is a costly business so firms must be aware of any new practices. By knowing what they need to do they can work out what will be best to invest in for their future. Throwing money at every new trend is clearly not the answer for companies when they are trying to stay within their marketing budget. There are certain trends that firms definitely have to follow such as adjusting their website to make it mobile-friendly. It is clear that the amount of smartphone users has increased in the world changing the way tourists shop. Mobile has taken over in terms of the way customers search and buy hotel rooms.


Search engine Google actually prefers companies who are working towards making their websites mobile-friendly and rewards firms with higher search rankings. Video has also clearly become much more popular in recent years, so companies need to have a staff member that is competent in using film to put across a product successfully. Customers would now rather watch a video about an accommodation than read something about the property online. Content is still incredibly important whether it is videos, pictures or written copy such as blogs, and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is still incredibly important.


A solid marketing for hotel strategy is needed when considering SEO as a website has to include excellent content with great keywords and phrases. Something that companies need to do when they run a hotel business is to make sure they have a great relationship with their customers. The trend of personalisation is a crucial one to pursue as it provides the chance for firms to capture the attention of Millennials who demand a personalised touch to their reservation experience. Asking questions such as why tourists are booking a hotel room is vital as they could be celebrating an anniversary or birthday that requires special attention.


The aim is get their loyalty for the long run and something that should be a crucial piece of a hotel digital marketing plan is having a social media strategy. Platforms such as Snapchat and Instagram are not going away for the time being so hotel firms should embrace these popular sites. Companies must remember to keep up with any changes to social media and ensure they have a good grasp of what it offers. Firms must also track online chat with online reputation management tools, which is software that will let hotels know about any negative reviews. Accommodations must consider the use of big data that helps analyse interesting trends and patterns, which will aid companies to work out customer habits and preferences.


Companies must get the experts at World Hotel Marketing to help them out with creating a brilliant website. They can also aid with online reviews and social media and teach hotel staff members how to respond to customers. They will provide plenty of advice on what firms can do to reply to any negative posts online. One of the most crucial things they will do is introduce the Booking Direct tool that will be a brilliant addition to the site. This is a multi-lingual offering that allows travellers to pay in a number of currencies. It also integrates with Facebook and Google+ allowing customers to easily log in and reserve a room quickly.