The most interesting modern business trends hotel firms can embrace for success

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There are some trends that arrive in the travel industry where they become so popular they make a huge amount of difference to sales and profits. Text and chat is clearly one of those where by messaging staff members the needs of guests are looked after during their holiday at a residence. What customers have to do is download an app that then works as a virtual concierge and a communication channel. Hotel staff members have multiple conversations with travellers based at the residence through a dashboard system to help them with any queries. This is a feature that will please millennials who like this type of personal attention.


This type of app can also include a handy function to be able to check in and out of the hotel without heading to reception. A code programmed within the app will allow customers to enter the room when they check in online. Using a smartphone as a key card is becoming a common occurrence and will be something a number of hotels will begin offering to their customers. Mobile check-in allows travellers to scan their smartphone against the door to enter the property. Companies will also consider using guest services robots to deliver customer service, which is really taking artificial intelligence to another level. The robots would interface with the lift or elevator system and allow it to deliver towels or linen.


This would clearly make a superb picture on the hotel social media account with firms perhaps going as far as giving the robots a human name. The aim is that the robots could deliver food for room service 24 hours a day, and get more work done than one person who may be on duty overnight. The robot would be able to communicate with travellers through its digital screen. Firms will also be encouraged in the future to establish loyalty among their guests by providing a certain price for rooms if tourists were former guests at the hotel. This is already something that happens now but will be pushed to help maximise revenues.


Travellers also want a certain amount of in-room technology in this modern digital age and expect in-room entertainment such as large flatscreen televisions with items such as Netflix. Hotel companies need to work hard to get as much information as they can from social media accounts belonging to their guests, so they can work out how to personalise hotel packages by considering customer data to improve experience. Another aspect that guests prefer is for companies to have large lobbies at their residence that have Wi-Fi internet for them to use. Millennials actually adore boutique hotels as there is a certain exclusive nature to a residence such as this that travellers want to experience when they head on holiday


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