Best practices to boost booking through property website video

video marketing

Using visual content is a really effective way to boost bookings and revenue within your hotel.  Actually showing customers what they can expect to see during their visit to your establishment can really engage them.

You need to begin by ensuring that you use high-quality software to create your videos, and it is best practice to actually hire a professional to do so. You don’t want potential customers to be looking at an amateur and poorly-made video as it just looks unprofessional and is not likely to show your hotel off to the best of its ability. The content needs to be recent and reputable, so make sure that you are filming your actual hotel and showing it in its true light. That said, you want to show the best bits so it is a good idea to have a real think before about what areas you want to film before you get going.

Make the videos fun and informative. Customers want to see your hotel and what services they will be provided with should they choose to book with you, so make this your main focus. Ensure all staff featured are wearing their uniforms and look happy and presentable.

Try and update videos on a regular basis, showing other areas of the hotel, using seasonal events to show offers and even looking at the area outside of the hotel. Show guests what they will see once they leave the building, what there is to see and do in the area and you will be further encouraging them to visit. It is also worth creating a YouTube account where you can upload the videos for the wider public to see. It is likely to also bring in extra traffic from the site and even better still, videos on YouTube are also integrated with Google’s search engine, increasing your chances of being seen by customers. You don’t have to stop at YouTube either.

Instagram, Vine and Facebook are also great social media sites to share videos on to, and will help you reach an even wider demographic. It truly is worth including a video in your marketing efforts and while it may seem costly to begin with, the benefits should outweigh this as you begin to see more traffic and therefore more bookings made.