Destination Marketing

Destination Marketing

Put yourself on the map

It all starts with destination branding – the process of creating a positive place image, while destination marketing packages and presents that image in the right way to the right people at the right times. A positive place image generates value – for the hotels, restaurants and attractions in the destination, and value attributed to the destination itself by potential visitors. It also generates an emotional bond with the people of the destination as well as resonating with target audiences.

For proof, if proof be needed, that positive place image pays off, look to New Zealand. Its acclaimed 100% Pure New Zealand brand, marketed widely in the UK as a key source market, is now worth an estimated US$13.6 billion.

But with the advent of user generated content and co-creation of travel experiences, the game is changing for destination marketing, and with it the DMO’s role, inevitably morphing to that of an intermediary between the destination, the experience providers (hotels, restaurants and visitor attractions) and the visitors themselves.

Delivering value in a crowded market on a restricted budget is a constant challenge, with the added complexity of multiple stakeholders to keep happy.

We have the know how to deliver a differentiated destination marketing strategy that not only delivers cutting edge, cross-platform creative, but that also articulates a vision for the destination as a valued – and valuable – brand, one that visitors and stakeholders will buy in to.