Paid Search Marketing

Paid Search Marketing:

PPC-ing is believing

Investing in PPC advertising is a tried and tested way to the quick win. Send online traffic directly to your brand website and you’re half way there. The other half, of course, is optimizing your website for conversion.

Our dedicated PPC account team, all Google Adword certified and Bing accredited, will help you manage your outgoings carefully by tracking the number of conversions per click, and with plain English analytics will show you the how, where and when of successful conversions. We will select the most relevant keywords and phrases for your audience and negotiate the best possible bidding price for your PPC campaign. Here’s how:

Demographic Bidding

An effective way to buy and sell online ad inventory on a per-impression basis. Similar to the way financial markets work, it’s a process that runs via instantaneous programmatic auction.

A-B testing of ads

As simple as it sounds, we experiment by randomly placing two different ad variants,generating favourable results and improved Click Through Rate.

Conversion tracking

An essential tool to track the path to purchase, it shows exactly what happens when a potential customer clicks on your ad, and whether or not they went on to make a booking.

Competitor analysis

We include a thorough assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of your competitor set’s paid advertising activity.

Smart Bid management

A routine but vital process in effective paid advertising, we manage the bidding process on your behalf to give your bids the best possible chance of success.

Enhanced Campaigns

Smarter advertising that targets audiences on any device by area of interest will increase the reach of your campaigns.

Monitor market trends

It’s industry insight as well as digital dexterity that makes for PPC success. With an ear to the ground and an eye on the competition, we always ensure your paid advertising strategy is ahead of the curve.