Meta Search Marketing


Meta Search Marketing

Making Meta better for you

Meta search marketing represents something of a step change for hotel distribution. Time was when the big chains and OTAs had meta channels virtually to themselves. Now, every hotel can compete – with a lower CPA and higher ROI. Whatever your size, you can display your direct rates on meta search platforms, making this channel at least a more level playing field. And because potential customers on meta search platforms are already seeing your direct rates returned for their preferred dates, they are also more likely to convert than those on other channels.

Our industry leading meta-management service will:

  • Connect you to the major meta-search platforms like Google Hotel Finder (including Google Maps and Search), Trip Connect (TripAdvisor), Trivago and Kayak
  • Negotiate with the major meta providers to secure the best display rates for you
  • Integrate your inventory directly with the major meta platforms
  • Manage your meta campaigns and optimize your bids to each platformensure the best possible ROI