Web design and SEO advice for hotel firms that need to entice customers for sales

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Small hotel businesses have to really consider what will help them reach customers without spending too much out of their budget. A website is one of the most important tools that can aid a company whatever the size to reach a wider online audience. First impressions count with a website so companies must invest in this area, which will bring them a greater amount of guest bookings. A website is like a shop window for the internet, so it must include certain things to ensure customers want to learn more about the products available. Hotels must consider their web design and how they use Search Engine Optimization (SEO) on the site.


Firstly companies must remember to put contact information in a highly visible area of the site, where customers can easily scan and find what they need. Potential guests expect to be able to locate the details quickly and it is usually a good idea to place this information at the bottom or top right corner. It is not advised to put important contact details in the middle of the website text as guests may not be able to find what they require and go elsewhere. A great tip for SEO is to use geo-targeted keyword such as boutique hotel in London, which includes an area to increase a website’s relevance to major search engines such as Google.


This will result in a higher page ranking and increase website views, which will hopefully lead to increased reservations. Great keywords and phrases should be used in website copy as well as picture captions and web page titles. Important niche keywords that could make all the difference to whether a customer discovers a website should be included. This may be words such as eco-friendly, honeymoon packages or business centre that will resonate with what a potential customer may be looking for online when searching for accommodations.


Companies must write blog pieces about these particular services or anything special that they have at the accommodation. An automated booking engine is incredibly necessary to have in this modern digital age that can often lead to increased online reservations. A top web design for hotels is needed to make the site look amazing and be easy to navigate.  There should be links to social media accounts that indicate the brand identity and what the company represents in terms of its ethos. If the company has great reviews on a site such as TripAdvisor then this must be shown online to let guests know about the firm’s success.

Firms must employ the brilliant workers at World Hotel Marketing to help create a superb, bespoke website. The top consultants at this agency will offer hotels the chance to share ideas about how to improve the website. They will think about the web design and use methods to encourage tourists to discover the firm. Understanding the customer journey is clearly a vital part of the process allowing them to build a top hotel website through social media and SEO. Firms must get ahead of rivals and they can only do this if they hire the staff members at World Hotel Marketing to help increase reservations and profits.