Top tips on online marketing for hotel firms to thrive in the competitive travel industry

online marketing

Hotel companies who want to boost the image of their brand identity online will have to adopt certain practices to attract new customers and help their business grow. Accommodations have to offer a mobile-friendly site that is easy to navigate and loads very quickly. The site must have all the information that is needed to encourage customers to book a room. There should be details on the living spaces, nearby attractions, contact information and services. There has to be a range of interesting images, short videos and blogs that really encourage travellers to learn more about the residence and allow them to dream of going on holiday.

The website should have a brilliant online booking engine that is easy to use, and there must be the ability to translate the site into several major global languages. It should be linked to social media with clickable icons on the site that link to platforms such as Twitter and Facebook. An important thing to consider is making the website search engine friendly, and it must have the right words and phrases to ensure it appears high on sites such as Google and Bing. Blogs are fantastic at engaging potential customers as they can help to boost a site’s organic traffic numbers and establish the hotel brand. Companies should share their blogs on social media so travellers can learn about the firm there and book a room.

Hotel firms should sign up to a number of social media accounts including the big three of Twitter, Facebook and picture-sharing site Instagram. They must also consider YouTube, Google+, Pinterest and Snapchat. Millions of potential customers are on these social media platforms and could be put off staying at a residence if they do not have any accounts. One of the best ways to understand the target audience for a hotel is to join a range of online communities to learn about them. Hoteliers should have a look at Facebook and LinkedIn groups and other online forums to find out what travellers desire in an accommodation.

Firms should think about blogging on certain subjects including nearby historical landmarks, beaches and parks. They should also talk about any local events happening in the future such as seasonal festivals and top ten places to visit in the area. Companies would really benefit from engaging customers through blogs and social media to ensure they attract them to the website. Firms must hire an excellent hotel marketing agency to help create a great online site that will entice travellers and encourage them to book the accommodation.

The experts at World Hotel Marketing offer the wonderful tool of Booking Direct that is a superb reservation system, which is multi-lingual and allows payment in a number of world currencies. It is incredibly easy to navigate and also handily offers Facebook and Google+ integration. The website looks impressive on a desktop computer, tablet and mobile phone allowing travellers to book in any way they desire. Another aspect that firms can be helped with is creating an app that will allow potential guests to book quickly within a few clicks. Companies need to aim to make customers loyal once they make a booking on the website.