How top digital marketing plans are transforming hotel firms in the travel industry


Having a grasp on how to win at digital marketing is how hotel accommodations will excel at gaining customers that will become loyal guests for the future. Getting direct bookings on the website is how they will maximise profits, as they will not have to pay Online Travel Agencies (OTAs) commission fees for each person they bring to their door. Today’s travel industry is a competitive arena and a firm must know exactly what makes them unique, and display this on their online site so customers can learn about the property. Digital developments have significantly affected the travel industry as it is now all about the quality of the website.

With the use of mobile phones on the rise hotel companies have had to change the way they market their website. Customers actually use a variety of screens to research and buy their hotel rooms in the internet age. They can be on a tablet one second, then a smartphone and could end up using a desktop computer to make the final booking. Something hotel firms are investing in is mobile apps that allow travellers to make their reservation within a few clicks. This clearly encourages customer loyalty and will help towards generating a strong customer database. Something hotel companies need to work on is to understand how to have superb Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to get top organic results on popular search engines.

Firms have to work hard to get the right keywords and phrases for good SEO, but must also invest in hotel PPC or pay per click advertising for a higher ranking on sites such as Google. Residences have to remember to include all services and amenities on offer at their hotel on the website. They should definitely mention if free Wi-Fi is available as that will always entice travellers to book at a hotel. Guests nowadays feel they need to be connected to the internet all the time in this modern digital age, so companies should help by providing this service.

Hotel companies should think about adding a home page whenever customers link to the Wi-Fi, offering a range of services at the hotel including room service and spa treatments. There could also be a list available of nearby attractions and landmarks to help visitors to decide where to go during their holiday. Extra content could include handy maps and a top guide to the best restaurants and cafes in the area. Customers will definitely appreciate the personal touch of helping them with guides on their vacation. Any hotels advertising plan can be helped by a professional agency that can steer firms towards long term success.

A superb agency to choose is World Hotel Marketing that offer hard-working staff members who can help hotel companies reach out to the public. They have a diligent PPC advertising team that are Google Adwords certified, and will use the best keywords and phrases to draw in customers. They also offer details on the number of conversions per click showing where and when customers have gone onto the website. They will always keep hotel companies in the loop about what is happening with their web figures and which type of advertising works.