Things your hotel website needs to include

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Whether or not you are setting up your hotel’s website for the first time, or are simply looking for an overhaul, there are a number of things that you really must incorporate. These will help you see more traffic driven to it as well as more bookings coming directly through the website.

With this in mind, here are some features that we advise you ensure are included in your website. Some of them may seem obvious, others not as much, and even if it costs you a little extra to audit your current site, we can bet that you will reap the rewards soon enough.

Show your surroundings

Why would someone come to stay at your hotel? Is it for business purposes or is it because they fancy a fun family holiday? Whatever the reason for anyone’s stay, you really need to show what is on offer beyond your doors.

If there is a park next door to you, or a great department store, include it in your description and show pictures of it to depictexactly what is to be expected.

Guests will be wanting to stay in a nice, safe neighbourhood, so be sure to show some pictures of what is around you. The views from your rooms and lobby, along with snaps of the local amenities can really help a person visualise where they will be staying and they will be more inclined to go with an establishment they feel familiar with.

The same goes for the interiors of the hotel. Guests want to know where they are staying and so you need to show it as much as possible, otherwise they may fear you are hiding something. Put up a couple of examples of rooms, bathrooms, the lobby, restaurant and bar area and anything else you may have.

Ensure that all of your pictures are in high-res and are interesting, fun and informative. Guests don’t want to have to trawl through loads of copy so let your hotel speak for itself.

Also, don’t be afraid to show your guests’ photographs as many people looking through your website will appreciate seeing the hotel through the eyes and experiences of those who have already stayed there. Fun, artistic pictures shot on Instagram are especially appealing as the filters can make even the most mundane objects look like pieces of art.

Have a non-complicated CMS behind it

If you can have access to the content management system (CMS) and are able to use is with relative ease, then your website will be so much easier to manage. Even if you aren’t the master of technology, having an easy system means that should any errors be found on your website, you can resolve them quickly.

If you have any new offers, or news or anything that you would like your guests to be aware of, having a flexible CMS means that you don’t have to go through another company to wait for it to be updated.

Make it accessible

The number of people viewing and booking hotel rooms on their mobile devices is growing rapidly and you don’t want to fall behind and miss out on a widening market.

Ensure your website is mobile optimised so that those browsing hotels in your area can easily access it from their smartphones. It may cost a little but it is so necessary in this digital age. Make sure that it is simple to use for guests and that the booking pages are clear enough to be seen on a smaller device.

Make it simple

Organising a holiday can be very stressful, so make it a little easier for your guests by having a website that is simple to navigate. Being able to have a look at what you offer and to then go through and actually choose a room as effortlessly as possible is more likely to drive potential customers to want to use your site and your facilities.

Anything too complicated will just scare guests away and you need to think about the user’s experience while developing your website. Think about what you would be looking for in a hotel website and you will be on the right track.

Show your services

When someone books a hotel they are usually looking for the whole experience. While a room with coffee facilities is certainly important, offering great customer service is just as much a part of the package.

Include reviews, little anecdotes about people of interest who have stayed there, information about the food and drink that you serve, or the quality of sheets your beds have, and you will attract the attention of potential guests.