Why a responsive website is adored by tourists and will help increase hotel bookings

responsive website

Travellers are increasingly using smartphones to research their upcoming holiday, so hotel firms must be aware of this and create a mobile-friendly site. Tourists often browse property websites on their tablets and mobile phones looking for a dream location for their leisure trip. Most holiday-makers will change the screen they use fairly regularly so firms must ensure they have a responsive website. Customers use their smartphones for a number of tasks such as booking flights, buying food shopping and ordering train tickets. Responsive sites deal with customers in a positive way and attempts to attract them to book a hotel room.


Many travellers who research on their smartphones will however use laptops or desktop computers to purchase a hotel room. Firms must ensure that they use a brilliant website design for hotels that allows companies to put their property over in a positive light. A responsive website alters to the user’s behaviour and then adjusts according to the screen being used for the task. It does not matter what device that is being used, responsive sites will always use the same online address or URL. The content will also remain the same apart from graphics, images and videos that will be resized to fit the device screen.


The alternative to having a responsive screen is to have an adaptive web design that offers an optimized version of the website. The size changes as the internet realises a mobile is being used, so it loads rapidly as the resizing is being done. Another way of dealing with having to think about a mobile website is to have separate websites. These usually have a subdomain of the regular website as companies are aware that those sites will be optimized for mobile devices from the beginning, but remember that users will use multiple devices.


If companies want to learn what is best for their website they should check their online presence on multiple devices such as a tablet, mobile phone and even a smart TV. It is crucial for hotel firms to update their website on a regular basis from the design to the content, and accommodations must work hard to find out what customers want. Firms should hire the services of a professional hotel marketing agency that can assess the situation and solve any problems. The main aim is for companies to be able to attract travellers to the website, as they need to get as many direct bookings as possible.


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