Provide Your Guests with a Quality Hotel Experience

quality hotel

As a hotel, not only do you want to offer guests somewhere safe and comfortable to stay, but you want to make their trip more memorable because of the experience they’ve had staying with you. With this in mind, you need to be sure that you’re offering a high-quality hotel experience, whether you’re independently run or part of a chain.

One of the most prominent aspects of your hotel from the point of view of your guests is the staff. The staff are representing your hotel and its brand. The impression that guests have of the staff is what they will think of your hotel in its entirety. You need to be sure that your staff are highly trained and have a good attitude to customer service. Just as a guest will remember if a member of staff has been rude, they’ll also remember those that have gone out of their way to offer additional assistance. Unfortunately though, it’s the negative experiences that are most often remembered and shared, so you need to be sure that your staff are consistently offering high levels of customer service to guests.

To make sure that your staff are fully trained and feel confident in their role, you should have regular performance reviews. This gives both you and your staff the opportunity to discuss any aspects of their role which they may be finding difficult or particularly excelling at.

The second thing that a customer will notice about your hotel is the room itself. It goes without saying that it must be of a high standard in terms of cleanliness, with clean carpets, bed sheets and towels. However, the decor of the room also speaks a lot about your hotel. We’ve probably all stayed in a hotel that still seems to retain its 1980s style, but that doesn’t go far in impressing guests anymore. You want good-quality furniture, rooms that are neatly decorated and, most importantly, a bed that is at least relatively comfortable. Make sure to choose paint and carpets that are durable, as they’ll obviously see a lot of wear and tear. Also, don’t forget to keep money in the budget for repairs, so that you can be sure that each and every room is top-quality. Now, onto the restaurant.

If you’re offering a varied menu with high-quality food then not only will guests want to dine there, but they’ll be much more likely to return. If it has very few options, then guests who are staying for a week probably won’t dine with you. You should also cater to dietary needs or specific restrictions that some guests may have, as doing so will make them remember things in a positive light. Once you’ve mastered the standard offerings of a hotel, you want to look at the additional amenities and unique features that you can offer to guests. Some amenities are still considered standard, such as a swimming pool if your hotel is based in a warm location. However, have you considered offering jacuzzi bath tubs, two room suites for families or onsite laundry for those who are enjoying an extended stay?

In addition, guests often enjoy special events such as dance nights, performances and luxury dining. All of these things might seem relatively simple, but by offering them in addition, your guests will really feel like you’ve made their trip even better and will consider staying with you again. For those guests who are staying with you for an extended period, you might also want to try to make their stay feel more homely. Things like high-speed internet, in-room kitchenettes, pet-friendly room options and a business centre for them to get work done outside of their suites can be great add-ons for these guests.

Finally, you want to have space to be flexible. Your guests might ask you for something extra that you can provide, and while it may not be possible to accommodate all requests, you want your guests to feel like you really are willing to go the extra mile to make their stay special. Remember, while every guest may not be an individual to you, they want to feel like they are. So, try to create a memorable visit for each and every guest and you’ll find that a good impression of your hotel and brand will build from this.