Make the most of every customer

customer service

To any guest, a hotel is a place to come to fulfil a need. That may be a modest one where a comfortable bed for the night and a decent breakfast to follow are the sole aims, while at the other end of the scale they may be looking for a wide array of services and attractions.

For hoteliers, it is important to fulfil this, but remember this is a business, and getting customers to spend more is vital to your long-term success. Ultimately, therefore, it is critical for owners to find ways of maximising revenues from every kind of customer.

 Offering extras

One way to do this is to provide some optional extras. Piling up services and provisions some may not need or want and then charging more for them is counter-productive. However, offering a few extras with a small charge is a tidy way to bring in some extra even if the guest is only using the hotel on a B&B basis. This could include extra pillows, the use of internet services or even the hire of towels and toiletries for those who have forgotten to pack them.

Eat and drink well

Never underestimate the importance of a good hotel bar and a great, varied menu. Unless you are located in very remote spot, there are sure to be alternative places to eat and drink nearby and while it is unlikely someone staying for long is likely to want to go to the same place every single night, good in-house offerings can help persuade them to eat with you at least some of the time. Varying the menu can certainly help. Try fish one night, curry the next, and always have a good vegetarian option. That way, there will be sufficient variety to make sure they eat with you more than once.

Clear quality, not hidden charges

The inclusion of extra charges in the small print is another way of bringing in revenue, but it is an underhand and potentially counter-productive approach. It is liable to annoy guests, making it less likely they will come back and ensuring they do not recommend your establishment to friends. Instead, focus on making sure the quality of everything you do is good. Whether it is the decor, the food or the service, the best way of all to make the most money from a guest is to give them an experience so good they will definitely be back.