The most interesting digital marketing trends for hotel firms to adopt to win sales

digital marketing

There are many aspects to running a hotel business that requires companies to think about their brand identity and the message they are putting across online. It is important to create a digital marketing plan and learn about any trends that appear in the travel industry. It is only by frequently learning about changes in the market that companies can get ahead of rivals. They must be aware of how to improve the customer journey and realise the power of positive online visibility. Mobile search is the most interesting trend at the moment in digital marketing, as there are so many travellers around the world that are using smartphones.


Search engine Google rewards companies that put their mobile site first and are aware of how effective a responsive site is to increase bookings. It is crucial a mobile site is optimized so that it adjusts to whatever screen is being used, whether it is a desktop computer, laptop, tablet or mobile phone. The main aim is to increase web traffic to the hotel site to encourage a greater amount of people to learn about the property. The way that online marketing for hotel plans can be improved is if hotel companies understand their customers. What firms really need to do is enhance their local presence and create brilliant regional profiles in business directories and online maps so that customers can find them on the internet.


Social media is something that hotel companies really need to get involved with to ensure that potential guests learn about their firm. Millions of people around the world use social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat. These platforms are brilliant at creating brand awareness and enhancing customer relationships. Whatever businesses place on social media needs to be interesting and inspire good conversation. Hotels need to ensure they regularly update their profiles with fresh posts that are both engaging and informative, and use plenty of visual media such as photos and videos.


The best hotel digital marketing plan includes an idea of how to excel at content marketing and this starts with understanding the audience and customer journey. The content on a site must enhance the user experience and include topics that are trending on social media. The website has to include details about attractions and upcoming events to entice travellers to learn about the accommodation. Firms have to record how much time a person spends on a web page, bounce rates and click-through rates to have an idea about how to improve. Each online web page must have large call-to-action buttons with a message such as Book Now.


Companies must get the experts at World Hotel Marketing to help them out with creating a brilliant website. They can also aid with online reviews and social media and teach hotel staff members how to respond to customers. They will provide plenty of advice on what firms can do to reply to any negative posts online. One of the most essential things they will do is introduce the Booking Direct tool that will be a brilliant addition to the site. This is a multi-lingual offering that allows travellers to pay in a number of currencies. It also integrates with Facebook and Google+ allowing customers to easily log in and reserve a room quickly.