How to update your hotel gym


The times when the average hotel was simply a place to rest, relax, eat and get a good night’s sleep before heading off sightseeing have long gone. Instead, the modern hotel needs to have plenty of mod cons. Having facilities like TV, internet and WiFi is essential as guests will usually have these at home, so there is no point in depriving people of the kind of facilities they will take for granted. However, that is just the start. While most people will not have a mini-gym in their home, plenty will have a membership at a local club and spend plenty of time there. Such guests will, therefore, be likely to look for a hotel with a good gym when they go away, in order to stay in trim while on holiday.

All that means that just having a gym may not be all that is required. After all, if it is not as good as those of your rivals, the chances are any gym bunny who comes to stay will not be coming back, while those who do their research well may not book in the first place.

Staffing is a key part of any gym. Good personal trainers who show an interest is important, as they need to be available, enthusiastic, great with people and know just what they are doing. All that will ensure guests enjoy the experience and benefit from using equipment the right way. The machinery is important too. Of course, cross-trainers, weights and rowing machines are standard, but adding in a  few unusual, sophisticated items will add interest and enable guests to try a new things. Cleanliness is another issue.

Many a gym can be allowed to get a bit grotty and it’s just the sort of thing that will put people off coming back. In the case of a hotel gym, it’s exactly the kind of detail that will appear in a negative review on TripAdvisor, therefore keeping it clean is vital. Indeed, if it is brightly lit, has an attractive decor and carries the hotel’s livery, it will convey a very positive impression and be an exciting place to come and work out. This last element can be applied right down to fine details. For example, gym towels with the hotel’s insignia and colours will make an impression. If they are nice and soft and have a bit of lemon zing in them too, that will be even better. By taking these simple steps, you can make sure your gym is one guests will want to visit time and again.