How hotel videos can boost your hotel revenue


According to Software Advice, who surveyed 2,345 travellers, hotel videos can push the prospective customer into booking their holiday directly with the hotel.

A massive 68% of the travellers involved stated that they are more likely to book with a hotel after viewing a video that showcases it’s amenities and main features as they are able to get a feel for the hotel and it can eliminate any nasty surprises.

Psychology behind hotel videos

The results of the study show how incredibly effective hotel videos can be; they can be an integral part of boosting the revenue of a hotel as more customers are more likely to book after viewing a video. It creates a personal bond and builds trust with the prospective customer, especially when real guests are featured on the video. It is generally acknowledged that if a customer is looking at the hotel media, they have pinpointed the area that they wish to travel to and are now looking for suitable accommodation that caters for their needs; the video would be able to give them a greater insight of what is on offer at the hotel which will lead to an increased chance of the customer placing a reservation.

Boost your revenue

A staggering 85% of people more likely to book when viewing a hotel video than people who don’t. A short video can quickly relay information that will whet the potential customer’s appetite and evoke an emotional connection, leaving them wanting more.
There are so many advantages to using this incredibly productive tool to boost the hotel revenue; here are a few reasons why:-

  • It creates a connection with the viewer: Use scenery combined with background music that compliments the tone of the hotel. By giving a short tour of the premises and amenities and showing the area where the hotel is situated is guaranteed to evoke an emotional response while the background music will keep the viewers focus and attention.
  • It inspires bookings: Give the viewer the vision that your hotel is the perfect holiday destination; give them a small taste of what they could have. Build the anticipation, the feeling of want, before taking it away; this will leave the viewer hungry for more and will inspire them to book.
  • There are minimal costs: We are now in an age where technology has advanced and has made the creation of videos easy and cheap. Not only is it possible to create videos that can be viewed on websites on a desktop computer or a laptop, there is also an option to use software to allow videos to be screened on smartphones; this will open up the hotel to many more people. There are design companies who can help, however, if the budget is tight, there are many devices that can record videos and with many computers having video editing software. This will save time and money.