How hotel firms can focus on how to use digital marketing methods to win guests

digital marketing

Mobile marketing is clearly something hotel companies really need to focus on as millions of tourists use smartphones on a daily basis. Times have changed when hotel companies were called or emailed to make a room booking, and now companies should consider where to improve their services to meet the needs of mobile phone users. Knowing the latest trends is a crucial part of being in the travel industry, as companies have to change according to what travellers want. Creating a responsive site really does help companies to get through to new guests who want to be able to use an accommodation website easily and quickly to book.


Generating a mobile-friendly site is a wonderful way to connect with customers who will appreciate the gesture. Websites that appear on desktop computers do not automatically adjust to mobile phone sizes. Companies need to create a responsive website that will look good on a tablet, laptop and smartphone. Holiday-makers in this modern digital age use their mobiles to research vacations before booking, so it is vital to have a website that is ideal for smartphones. Having a database of contacts that have stayed at the hotel recently can make all the difference as companies can message them with special packages and superb deals.


A superb marketing for hotel plan will always include the idea of signing up to a number of social media platforms. Firstly this is a good idea as it is free to create profiles and secondly this is the best destination to expand the advertising of the hotel brand identity. Companies should naturally create Facebook and Twitter accounts, and then consider if they have the pictures for Instagram. Firms have to remember that they need to be constantly updating their feeds to encourage travellers to stay on there and learn more about the property. A great way to engage with tourists is by asking them to include photos of the hotel online.


They can also be asked to share their reviews on sites such as Yelp and TripAdvisor that should help to entice new customers to the residence. The aim is to be part of a positive conversation that will happen as a result of this interaction. Firms have to listen carefully to their guests to learn what they want out of a hotel experience. Companies must consider their hotel search engine marketing plan that needs to take into consideration the right keywords and phrases that should be used to get higher web traffic. This can come through short or long tail keywords that can be placed on the site to attract major search engines.


The amazing staff at World Hotel Marketing can help by ensuring that the bespoke website they make is ideal for the firm they have been employed by. This top marketing agency will ensure that they generate a wonderful app that will bring in customers. Encouraging hotel companies to look at what works with their website and apps, and what does not is a top way to make progress for higher bookings. What hotel firms ultimately want is to offer their impressive residence online with top promotion to hopefully encourage customers to book.