How hotel companies should deal with negative reviews found on the internet


Bad reviews are unfortunately a common occurrence with many hotel businesses, but firms can deal with this by having a robust digital marketing plan. The main lesson that companies need to learn is that they will only survive by keeping their customers happy. The internet has changed matters for the better and in some ways for the worse in the travel industry. Usually what would happen was travellers would head to a residence, and whether they liked or hated their experience they shared these views by word of mouth. In this modern digital age tourists are able to put their reviews across a number of places on the internet.

Companies have to offer customers an appropriate response that answers any questions or criticisms they have about the accommodation. When firms reply quickly to an existing or potential guest they reach out to them, which encourages the traveller to make a repeat or first-time booking. When managers reply aggressively then this will produce a negative feeling that will result in customers being discouraged to book. Hoteliers definitely have to respond to reviews, but the way they do it is absolutely crucial. A terrible review on a site such as TripAdvisor can be hurtful to the business as customers will often go on there.

Hotel companies need to think about the customer journey from the very beginning, and ensure their website has a brilliant hotel reservation system to use. Travellers will be judging a firm from the start and if using a booking engine is not great for them they may comment on this in a review. The aim for any firm is to keep a healthy reputation and definitely repair any relationship with a customer. Generally what a hotel firm wants to indicate is that they read reviews and digest what is being said. When writing back to a disgruntled customer it is important to thank the person by name and apologise to them.

They will respond in a better way if hotel staff members tell them about any changes they will be making as a result of their review. Firms should remember not to offer any compensation online, and ask for the customer’s email address to solve problems that way. Usually a guest will be happy with a response but some could still be annoyed, so companies have to ensure they show they have done all they can to help. Replying quickly to an online review is vital and guests must be responded to within 24 hours. Apart from having a great website what firms need to consider is how to use hotel search engine marketing for higher bookings.

The hard-working consultants at World Hotel Marketing can help with this endeavour, and will teach firms how to best use paid advertising to gain customers. They will create a top bespoke website that has a wonderful online design, and looks amazing on any screen. The diligent workers at this agency will ensure there is a solid hotel digital marketing plan to help increase bookings and profits. The experts can also aid with creating a strategy on how to satisfy angry customers and to make negative reviews appear positive after some damage control. There is much that hotel firms should do to help their reputation management.