Easy Ways to Make Booking Engines Appeal to Business Travellers

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Millions of people now travel regularly for business every year, whether it’s to attend conferences in other countries or to meet potential clients on their own turf. This is possible because international travel is so affordable, particularly if corporate travellers are heading to destinations that aren’t so popular with tourists.If you’re a hotel owner or marketer, the business hospitality segment could represent large chunks of revenue as long as your property is suitable for someone on a work trip as opposed to holidaying for fun.But how can you ensure that your hotel is appealing to corporate guests – and that your booking engine is persuading them (or rather, their employers) to get out their credit cards and reserve a room? Here are a few ideas.

1.    Mobile compatibility This is something you should be ensuring anyway, but compatibility with mobile devices is especially important if you’re trying to appeal to businesspeople. If they’ve organised a meeting and want to sort out a trip to accompany it ASAP, they’re likely to whip out their smartphone and try to make hotel bookings. If they find your site won’t load or they can’t see what they want because the text is too tiny, they’ll just go to your competition.

2.    Efficiency Corporate travellers are likely to be perpetually pushed for time, so they won’t want to waste it on hotel booking engines that ask for reams of information and numerous click-throughs before securing a booking. Don’t make people jump through hoops; ensure your software is quick, intuitive and easy to use.

3.    Digital payment methods Anyone travelling for business is going to have to keep track of their spending for company records, so make it easy for them to do so by offering a number of secure payment methods. For example, you might want to look into options like Apple Pay or, at the very least, PayPal and top credit card providers.4.    Add-onsIf someone is taking a corporate trip, you already know that they won’t be off sightseeing and hiking while they stay with you. However, that doesn’t mean they won’t be able to enjoy at least some relaxation time. You can make the most of this by offering some add-ons during the booking process, such as a voucher for a discounted drink at the bar or a massage at your spa with complimentary products. Don’t try to push too many, though, as this can be off-putting.

5.    A good loyalty programme According to a Google survey, some 65 per cent of business travellers belong to some kind of hotel loyalty scheme – and they’re an excellent way of ensuring repeat business. Within your hotel booking engine, provide the option to sign up for yours and offer perks like free upgrades or services as an incentive. This might mean your customer comes back to you next time.It can be tricky to know which hotel booking engine system to choose, but we can help you out at World Hotel Marketing with our industry-leading solution Booking Direct.

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