The best internet marketing strategies available for hotel companies to beat rival firms

internet marketing

Hoteliers have one solid aim and that is to attract as many customers as possible to their accommodation by making direct bookings on their website. A constant worry is making sure that a firm’s marketing strategies are working, because if they are not then businesses have to save money on certain areas. There are many key things that hotel companies should do to improve bookings at their accommodation. A crucial aspect is the web visibility of a hotel’s online site, which can be improved by amazing Search Engine Optimization (SEO). This is when a website uses certain keywords and phrases to rank higher on major search engines.

As well as the content there can be changes made to code, links and sometimes layout for it to appear in a high position on such sites as Google, Bing and Yahoo. SEO is very important to hotel companies especially if competing against a number of other hotels that are based in the same geographical area. When companies are thinking about marketing for hotel plans they should be considering local SEO, as this will propel them to the top of important search engines. There is a handy feature called Google My Business that allows firms to offer information about their company. They should remember to include as many details as possible including the hotel name, location, contact information and photos of the property.

Having this information to hand really makes a difference to what travellers think about the accommodation and may encourage them to learn more about the hotel. Companies must also ensure that other profiles on places such as TripAdvisor, and Yelp are also filled in so customers can easily find out about the property. Another aspect that firms have to embrace is social media and must sign up to the big three that include Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. They should also consider Pinterest, Snapchat and LinkedIn, and remember to regularly update these sites with fresh content that includes pictures and short videos.

Travellers adore chatting online in a real-time situation, and social media can be a great way to encourage new tourists to learn about the firm. Companies should also consider pay per click (PPC) advertising that is another way to boost a hotel’s web visibility in search results. Although getting brilliant organic results is great through SEO, it is vital to have paid adverts to get customers to discover the property. Of course a top website design for hotels works wonders and will attract potential guests to learn about the residence and make a booking.

The consultants at World Hotel Marketing will be excited about helping hotel companies to gain knowledge in online marketing plans. They can aid by creating a fantastic website that works on all platforms including a desktop computer, tablet and mobile phone. The Booking Direct tool will be used to attract customers who will appreciate the ease in which they can use this reservation system. It is multi-lingual and accepts a range of currencies, while also being easy to navigate. The experts will also pass on their extensive knowledge about SEO and PPC methods, as well as generate amazing social media profiles to attract customers.