The benefits for hotel companies that connect their business up with a GDS

gobal distribution

Hotels that wish to be successful need to sign up to a GDS or Global Distribution System to get ahead of their rivals in this competitive industry. A GDS is a great platform allowing travel agencies to access crucial details on rooms, rates, discounts and inventory. This information is passed on to airlines, rental car companies and most importantly to travel agents who will help to promote companies. There are many good reasons why hotel companies should sign up to this, with the main reason being it will help them gain bookings and maximise profits. A company needs to increase exposure to its room inventory that can be done through a GDS.

A hotel GDS system allows a firm to connect to thousands of travel agents right across the world. This link is in real-time so customers will truly benefit from this system, as they get to learn everything about the hotels based in their holiday destination of choice. By having a hotel feature on a GDS a business will receive greater brand recognition, which will result in higher reservations. Secondly it can be a long process to try and connect with the top online providers in the industry, so latching on to a GDS will save time as well as money. Each GDS does however have a set of connection fees and requirements when firms sign up.

Another positive of joining up with a GDS is that staff members no longer need to manually enter any details about bookings. When a reservation is created every distribution channel is updated, so no extra details need to be typed into the property management system. Firms can connect with tourists from around the world allowing a brand to reach new customers. Of course there are many ways to attract global travellers such as through a top hotel social media plan, but it is much easier to sign up to a GDS to ensure that customers are reached.

Firms must regularly create reports to view what difference it makes to use a GDS, and think about the impact on future revenue. By having this vital information hotel companies can make informed decisions about rates at different times of the year. The aim is to increase the customer database and a GDS will help firms to do that. It is then up to staff members to provide a wonderful service for travellers, who must book a return trip if they have a pleasant experience. Companies must think about what could make them appear different from other businesses, and they can put this information on their website to allow them to stand out.

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