Things Successful Hotel Sales and Marketing Directors Do Every Day

Sales and marketing

Most people, regardless of their age, gender or personal preferences, want to be successful at what they do. The issue, however, is often knowing how to put this into action and what is it that will make it achievable.One great place to start is finding out what your successful peers do on a day to day basis and trying to incorporate it into your daily routine to see if it helps you achieve whatever it is you are hoping to. With this in mind, we have some information about what successful hotel sales and marketing directors do every day.

Prioritise sometimes we go to work and just jump straight in thinking that we are being productive. While this may work for some people, it is best to actually decide on what work needs to be prioritised, planning it out within your day and actually sticking to the plan. Speak with guests there is no better way to really know what guests think about your hotel and what it offers than to actually physically get out there and speak to them!b From those spending a night or so at the establishment to others who are visiting for the day to attend a corporate meeting, by starting a conversation with them is the best way to learn how you can develop in the future. Ask how their day is going and is there anything that the hotel could do to make their experience even more valuable..Learn!

Reading up on industry news, trends and events that you can attend is a very important thing to do on a daily basis if you want to keep abreast and be successful. Learning is an imperative factor at any age and one that can never be overlooked. Give Praise if a member of staff has completed a task particularly well, let them know! Giving praise is a fantastic way to raise morale in the workplace and it shows that the staff are appreciated, encouraging them to continue and even strive for more.You have to make sure the praise is genuine, however, as it will most likely be unappreciated by staff otherwise.

Review your performance it always helps to see the bigger picture, so ensure that you are keeping a record of how your hotel is performing compared to the goals you had set and where you wanted to be at this stage in the year.This can help you prepare for any action that needs to be taken in meetings and working out marketing strategies for the year ahead.