How to make your hotel extraordinary without spending extra money

5 star hotel

Tourism means so many things to different people. For some it is simply the industry they work within, for others it helps to make a trip to an unknown destination all the more exciting and worthwhile.

One thing that is for sure is that as a tourism professional, you have the chance to make their travel experiences extraordinary and offer them memories that will last a lifetime. The best thing is that you don’t have to spend money to make this happen, while the chances are that the number of guests choosing to stay within your hotel will become increasingly happier with your services.

Here, we have a few suggestions on how you can help make tourism extraordinary.

Go the extra mile

We should all be striving to go the extra mile in whatever it is that we do, and indeed this is even more important should you work in the tourism industry.

When a customer comes to you with a question, rather than simply answer them, add on a little bit of extra information. Perhaps they want to know what time breakfast is served until as they are worried they will miss it. If this is the case, tell them the time but also add on that you can offer them room service should they wish to enjoy a lie-in.

Tell guests interesting facts about the area and give them advice on how to beat queues at certain attractions, or how to get discount when dining out. Every little helps and by going above and beyond what is expected, you will not only be demonstrating fabulous customer service, but will make the guest’s experience all that more enjoyable.

Let your personality shine

When speaking with customers, don’t be afraid to let your personality shine through. Have a joke and help them feel at ease – just ensure that what you say is appropriate. You can often gauge how a customer will react to a sense of humour from having an initial chat with them. If you feel like they will bounce back off you then go ahead, just make sure that you don’t make a joke out of them or you may find yourself dealing with a complaint.

If you have any nervous travellers staying at the hotel, showing them a smile and taking their minds of their journey through a joke will lighten the experience and they will undoubtedly appreciate it and remember just how kind you were to them once they have left.

Never think ‘that’s not in my job description’

Teamwork is so important when it comes to working in a hotel and it does tie in with the notion of going the extra mile. If you are on reception and a customer comes to you asking for room service, go beyond your call of duty and help them out.

Simply saying that something isn’t your job can come across unprofessional and is not best practice. It is likely to leave a customer with a negative view and this certainly will not make anyone’s experiences extraordinary.

Bear in mind that word of mouth and reviews can make all the difference to how well your hotel is received, so remember that you are part of a team and that the little things you do can count towards a guest’s whole experience and journey.

Make guests feel special

Guests staying at your hotel have paid to be there, so make sure you keep this in mind while you are at work. Make them feel special, as though they are the only people staying in your establishment and show that you are genuinely interested in them individually.

Strike up friendly conversations with them rather than just asking them the robotic questions such as “how is your room”. Make sure you engage with them. If you know they went to explore the local park the day before, when you next see them ask them how it was – they will be aware that you know who they are and have listened to them.

If a guest has a request that you genuinely cannot accomodate, be honest. They will value the truth and feel they are more able to open up to you if you show them such respect.

If you would like a bit of help when it comes to making your service extraordinary, there is also the option to speak to look for Travel Consulting Services, which will help you perform to the greatest standard that you can.